Surreal Deal EP

by Perfect Inversion

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Gazing through the crystal haze that scatters light and smudges shapes, I thought I saw a shimmer there, it's hard to tell, I crane and stare. A few stray photons come my way, I ask them if they'll stop and stay, but just as fast as come they've gone, and left me in the charcoal dawn. Drops in a bucket, sand on the beach, the concept seems too vague to reach. The tide comes in and swallows thoughts, the universe is sold and bought. It doesn't matter this time round, just close your eyes and let the sound invade and flood your senses out, you'll sink for sure I have no doubt. We danced out on the lawn, but my luck was overdrawn, So now I'm all alone, underneath the charcoal dawn.
Too Late 03:04
Good morning or good afternoon, whichever comes first, I can't remember all these facts, I haven't rehearsed. Can you read between the lines of things that we've said, or keep the swirling ion stormclouds out of your head? Silently the people fall like motes in a beam, and sleepers jump arrhythmically, awoke from their dreams. A dancing shadow casts a line that shouldn't be crossed, for any time they dare to try the image is lost. Mushroom spores all luminesce and old crystals glow, silently illuminating paths that you know, in caves you wandered hungrily alone in your youth, when you were more ambitious and you wanted the truth. But now your apprehension leads to a different take, and you know what you didn't then: there are higher stakes. You survey cautiously and never stick out too far, for fear that someone sees you for what you really are. Round and round forevermore the clock hands must turn, time will carry forward as great ships sink and burn. There isn't any destiny, no grand twist of fate, at least you never think so until it's just too late.
It's been the longest I can remember, the longest I can recall. It froze my feet flat to the floor, and laughed after my fall. But that kind of thing can't keep me down, it isn't hard to see. I pulled myself together, but now I seem to be Coming up sideways Well I don't know the first thing, about the water's spell. I just threw myself over the edge, in a little diving bell. I thought I almost understood as the waves moved 'cross my eyes. But all at once I lost control, so please don't be surprised when I'm Coming up sideways Half the time you're looking back, wondering where you went wrong. You only realize to late that you should have been looking forward all along. And you're coming up sideways We all know it's a rocky world, walking in bare feet but if we could just get along, wouldn't that be sweet?
Surreal Deal 05:33


released December 25, 2014

Perfect Inversion is Nick Ver Voort and Nick St. Pierre.
All tracks written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Perfect Inversion.


all rights reserved



Perfect Inversion Massachusetts

Perfect Inversion is a musical collaboration between Nick Ver Voort and Nick St. Pierre.

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